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The man has a hot Instagram date – in a night of love he has to go through a nightmare of 14 hours

A man met a woman via Instagram. The two developed an affair. In a communal night of love it was really turbulent.

Australia – The story told by a man named Kane at the Australian radio station "KISS FM" is more than curious! He flirted with a lady on Instagram for a few days. Earlier, Kane followed her on the platform for a while. When she suddenly followed him, he wrote to her. So far nothing unusual, but the story took a curious turn.

Instagram flirts with curious exit

Because she placed several photos of couples with another man, Kane said to her: "Too bad you have a friend!" But the woman assured Kane that she and her boyfriend broke up, as Kane says in the radio interview, which can be seen on the website of the British "Sun".

Although Kane was a bit suspicious because of the photo 's, he did not want to refuse the invitation to her. Finally, when his flirt asked him to park far away by car and to get through the back door, all the alarms should have sounded on Kane. But when he was asked, the woman replied: "My neighbors ask too many questions!" Kane was satisfied with the prospect of a hot date.

Suddenly it is clear: the woman lied

When Kane arrives at the woman, they quickly get to work quickly. But after 20 minutes a car suddenly arrived in front of the house, because the friend of the supposed bachelor came home from work. Kane describes what happens next as follows: "She panicked, jumped away from me and ran around." The Fremdgeherin invited him to leave the back door. But as time passed, Kane saw no other option than to hide under the bed.

His thought was: "If he is in the shower, I will run out." But nothing came of it. The betrayed friend of his Instagram knowledge went straight to bed after work – and apparently stayed there until the next morning.

Fearing a fight with the man who describes Kane as a big man with tattooed arms, he remained inflexible under the bed all the time. Kane did not close his eyes all night so as not to snore. When he finally left his hiding place, there was no explanation or apology from the forgiven woman. She asked him to leave the house and blocked him on the social networks.

That lady will probably think twice before she enters another Schäferstündchen with another man!

This flirt had even more extreme consequences: pregnant woman looking for Daniel after one-night stand – when she receives a message, she goes to the mouthpiece

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