Home world The locust plague inflicts millions of dollars in damage

The locust plague inflicts millions of dollars in damage


Reports of & # 39; biblical proportions & # 39; overdone

Millions of locusts have hit the Italian holiday island of Sardinia. Up to 2,000 hectares (20 square kilometers) are contaminated in the Nuoro inland region, according to the farmers' organization Coldiretti. It is a "real emergency" – but reports of a "biblical dimension" are exaggerated.

No tourists affected

"There are zones where you walk on a carpet of grasshoppers." The damage goes in the millions. The locusts invade farms and destroy pastures. About 20 farms have been affected, tourists not, said a spokesperson for the association.

According to news agency AGI, Ignazio Floris from the University of Sassari stated that it had already reached the peak of the phenomenon. "It is impossible that it would come to such a bad invasion as before the 1940s, when hundreds of thousands of hectares were poisoned."

Experts say the reasons for the invasion include weather conditions and the fact that land is not cultivated. Then the insects lay their eggs there. Plowing can help against a spread, so the farmers' association.

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