The Intelsat 29th satellite floats uncontrollably and falls apart. video


The Intelsat 29th communication satellite, which failed in April, drives uncontrollably into a geostationary orbit and falls apart. The ISON telescopes, operated by the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, recorded 13 fragments that could threaten other spacecraft. Uncontrolled movements of the satellite also pose a threat RIA news. In a geostationary orbit there is a huge number of communication, television and relays.

The owner of the spacecraft data site, Thomas Kelso, wrote on his Twitter account that the situation with Intelsat 29th remains very alarming. He said the defective device "describes spirals" around the Intelsat 11 and Intelsat 32e satellites.

The Intelsat 29th satellite was orbited in January 2016 from the Kourou homepage with an Ariane 5 rocket. It was assumed that the device, made by Boeing, will last for 15 years.