The Hungarian philosopher Agnes Heller died


DThe Hungarian philosopher and sociologist Agnes Heller died on Friday evening at the age of 90 in Lake Balaton. This was confirmed by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), of which she was a member, and in whose holiday home she was on vacation at the time of her death. According to a report from the news portal "", she died while swimming in Lake Balaton.

Heller was a student of the Hungarian Marxist philosopher Georg Lukács (1885-1971). After the Hungarian uprising of 1956, she questioned the so-called really existing socialism – including the Soviet government over Eastern Europe and thus her native Hungary – and became a dissident. In 1977 she emigrated to Australia after repression by the former communist regime. In 1986 she followed Hannah Arendt in the Philosophy department of New School for Social Research, New York.

After the democratic change in 1989, she returned to Hungary. It became an important and combative voice of modern liberalism. In 2010 this brought them into strong opposition to the government of the incumbent, the right-wing, xenophobic prime minister Viktor Orbán. Media campaigns by the press of the government, blaming her for having wasted research money, but based on nothing, bumped into her.

In German she has published "Theory of Emotions" (1980), "The Man of the Renaissance" (1988), "The Monkey on the Bike. A Life Story" (1999) and most recently – this year – "Paradox Europe ".

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