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The Fiscal Oversight Board recommends privatization of WIPR

the Board of Fiscal Supervision (JSF) reported today, Monday, that it is advising the government to transfer the Corporation of Puerto Rico for Public Dissemination, known as WIPR, to a private non-profit organization.

"The Supervisory Board supports public reach, but the means to finance the CPRDP as a private, non-profit organization can and must come from outside the government, so that the government can give priority to its resources and can focus on offering those services that are particularly better able to provide, "said the president of the JSF in written statements, José Carrión.

According to the federal entity, public disclosure companies in the United States are owned by private non-profit organizations.

The JSF emphasized that the WIPR budget is currently being financed with allocations to the General Fund, federal funds and other funds.

The board noted, however, that "most states do not provide money to public broadcasters or do so to a limited extent."

"The states that do, provide a significantly lower percentage of the operational budget of the public broadcasters," the federal agency said in a statement.

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