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The European Commission wants to abolish the change of time since 2019

The end of the time change could take place next year.

"The change of time must be abolished" and this, very quickly: this is said Wednesday, Jean-Claude Juncker in his speech on the state of the trade union, delivered in the Chamber of Parliament European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The President of the European Commission has said that he wants the end of
time changes in summer and winter from 2019, states are free to choose what time they want to stay.

Daylight saving time or winter time of your choice

Starting next year, it may not be necessary to move his watch one hour ahead in March and an hour back in October. "The Member States (…) have to decide for themselves whether their citizens should live in the summer or in the winter," said Jean-Claude Juncker.

The directive proposed by the Commission stipulates that each Member State must report daylight saving time or winter time permanently by April 2019 at the latest. The last mandatory change would be on 31 March 2019 for daylight savings time, 27 October 2019 for those choosing winter time.

"Time is running out"

But such a timetable can only be achieved if the European Parliament and the Council of the EU (Member States) adopt the Commission proposal before March 2019. "I hope that Parliament and the Council will have the same perception and will find solutions that are compatible with our internal market." Time is pressing, "Juncker insisted.

If the Commission allows them to choose between summer and winter time, the Commission considers that "Member States should coordinate their choices to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market and avoid fragmentation".

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