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The brother of Hugo Chavez warns that Chavismo is taking up arms to defend Venezuela

The official leader Adam Chavez, brother of the deceased president Hugo Chávez (1999-2013), said that Chavism is willing to "take" the guns to defend Venezuela for an invasion while the Chavista leader Diosdado Cabello He indicated that every foreign force "will be repelled".

"We are ready, willing and willing (…) to face in the field the attempts of the empire and its allies to invade us, to unleash a war on our territory, if we have to take the guns, we will take them, that no one should doubt"Chavez said, although he said:" This is not what we want. "

Adán Chávez said this in a session of the ruling party National Constituent Assembly (ANC), where several members, including the president, Diosdado Cabello, warned that they are prepared to be their home country & # 39; to defend.

"This is an area that is respected… Every military unit that tries to penetrate our territory will be repelled and our territory will be defended by our Bolivarian national forces, we do not doubt," said Cabello.

The head of the Constituent then addressed the head of Parliament, the opponent Juan Guaidó – who have been granted the Executive's powers as an agent in charge of the president Nicolás Maduro unlawful, and told him to keep in mind that Chavismo has the armed forces.

"Look, Mr. Guaidó: you do not hear the whistling of a bullet near you, you do not know how it feels when a bullet hits 3 centimeters (1.18 inches) from a quarter of where you are (…) you do not have the most minimal idea of ​​what that means, "he said, pointing out that" one thing is to call the devil and another to see it come from wobbling. "

The Venezuelan government has repeatedly pointed out that the administration of the American President, Donald Trumpand its allies in the region are trying to invade Venezuela, according to what Chavez spokesmen have accused, appropriating the riches of the country.

That is why they say that they stand behind the actions and decisions of the opposition who, led by Guaidó, have challenged Maduro in recent days to ask for mobilisations.

The opposition believes that Maduro "takes over" the power After being elected in a voice that is labeled as fraudulent and starts a road map to put him out of power.


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