The body parts found in the bag may be teenagers who suffered ‘Narcos-style’ murders

It is feared that a body discovered in a sports bag in an urbanization belongs to a missing teenager killed in a Narcos-like warning when fighting drug crowds.

Gardai suspects that the human limbs, found in the bag in an urbanization in northern Dublin, could belong to a 17-year-old boy who has not been seen for several days.

The appalling discovery was made by young people at Moatview Gardens in Coolock at 10 p.m. last night.

Authorities have connected to a case of missing persons after a 17-year-old from Drogheda, Louth County, has been missing for days, reports the Irish Mirror.

Sinn Fein TD Denise Mitchell described the barbaric finding as “distressing and horrible.”

She said: “The people of Coolock and the wider Dublin Bay North area have been subject to fear and intimidation by these drug gangs for too long, but this is a particularly spooky chapter,” reports the Irish Mirror.

Gardai removes the spooky remnants of the scene this morning

“This incident really brings home the need for more Garda resources in the area. Gardai at Coolock station is too stretched as it is. How many more deaths and brutal incidents like this should be inflicted on local residents until they get the help they need?

Gardai is trying to identify the victim and has asked families with missing loved ones to get in touch.

The remains were being examined in the city morgue.

The head and torso have not yet been found, leading to fear that dismemberment is a deliberate terrorist tactic rather than an attempt to get rid of the body.

The sources claim that the opposing gangs had issued a threat to kill and “cut” rival members in recent days.

A line of research focuses on a naive teenager linked to one of the drug mobs in Drogheda who have been waging a violent territorial war in recent months.

The young man was said to have contacts with the faction behind an attempted coup in the city on Monday that injured an innocent taxi driver.

The target was a prominent member of one of the gangs who escaped unharmed and it is feared that his mob might have carried out the kidnapping and murder of the teenager.

Family members and friends of the missing young man have been trying desperately to contact him for several days and still hope they will find him safe.

Human body parts were in a bag at the junction of Moatview Gardens and Drive in Darndale, Dublin

Detectives are also investigating possible links between the victim and drug gangs in Coolock, the mafia chief’s stronghold nicknamed “Mr Big.”

The human remains, which are believed to be legs and an arm, were thrown from a car a few meters from the scene of the murder of Ken Finn in 2018.

The 36-year-old man was a hitman for Big and was suspected of being shot dead by Royal IRA chief Alan Ryan. Finn’s murder sparked a dispute between Mr. Big and a notoriously violent northern criminal who has recently been released from prison.

Gardai feared an increase in violence after the thug’s release while promising revenge for the recent murder of his associate Richie Carberry, 39, who was shot dead in Bettystown, Co Meath, in November.

Big’s gang was suspected of ordering that murder. But sources say it may have been carried out by members of one of Drogheda’s bands, indicating the blurred lines and the nebulous links between mobs and different disputes.

It is understood that the Gardai keep an open mind about the possible identity of the victim and the motive behind the murder.

Officers combed a green area on the side of the road where the remains were thrown.

Forensic experts and officers from the Garda Technical Office also examined the body parts under the cover of a blue tent while the locals watched.

Body parts were found in a sports bag in an urbanization in northern Dublin

Independent left-wing advisor John Lyons told the Irish Mirror: “There is a feeling that more would be done if this happened in Castleknock and not in Coolock.

“There have been four murders just a few minutes walk from where this happened.

“People are afraid, they are afraid and they keep their heads down. But unfortunately people are not surprised. “

When Gardai removed the victim’s remains in a cart from a tent erected in a hurry to the back of an ambulance, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar signaled the start of a General Election campaign.

But a local woman said: “They [politicians] Better not call here, I won’t be polite.

Gardai investigates after the human body parts were discovered

“There are lovely people on this road, but these people come from outside the area, they come in cars on fire all the time.

“The car was being chased and they threw away the bag. The young people just played there and watched as you would in a bag, maybe they thought there would be money in it.

“They must have received a little surprise. I’m glad I wasn’t close. Think of the poor mother of whoever. It’s shocking disgusting. “

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Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan described the murder as a depraved act of violence and extended his sympathy to the victim’s family. He assured the local population that their concerns about violent crimes are being taken

A statement from Garda said: “Gardai is looking for anyone who has concerns about a loved one who has not had news in recent days to contact them at the Coolock Garda station.

“Gardai continues to identify the parts of the human body with the help of Forensic Science Ireland.”

Officers are eager to hear from anyone who has been in the Moatview Gardens / Drive area of ​​Coolock or on adjacent roads between 9.30am and 10pm on Monday.

Road users are also urged with dashboard camera images that can help research get in touch.


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