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the Bloom association denounces the opacity of the French state

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Fishing boats from Grandcamp-Maisy, Calvados, in October 2018.
Fishing boats from Grandcamp-Maisy, Calvados, October 2018. JOEL SAGET / AFP

The time of miraculous fishing is over. Since the 1990s, the catches of fish and crustaceans in the world have not increased, according to official statistics from the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. More and more sophisticated stalking techniques, more and more powerful boats, quickly and able to throw their stuff further and further away from the coast, have contributed to the depletion of fauna and flora.

This is why oceans support public subsidies as a decisive factor in the development of overly efficient fishing methods. On Monday January 21, the Bloom Association filed an appeal with the Paris Administrative Court "For excessive power of the state". On Tuesday morning she informed the media at a press conference. It criticizes the board of the Maritime Fisheries and Aquaculture Directorate (DPAM) for consistently refusing access to certain data essential for analyzing aid to the fisheries sector.

"Rapid depletion of species" and no "rescue and recovery efforts of global fisheries and related jobs"

On a global scale, the file weighs heavily. The United Nations itself is influenced by public money that has led to the transformation of an industry estimated at $ 3 trillion per year (about 5% of global GDP). She notes that not only this type of financing "The rapid exhaustion of many fish species"but also prevent it "Rescue and rehabilitation efforts of the world's fisheries and related jobs, with a loss of $ 50 billion per year". The Sustainable Development Goal, dedicated to the ocean, SDG 14, therefore calls for their ban by 2020, taking into account the case of the least developed countries. Negotiations to end these subsidies are under way within the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO) – without exaggerating enthusiasm.

The European Union, in turn, decided during the last reform of the Common Fisheries Policy to allocate € 6.4 billion for the 2014-2020 period to help the sector evolve, in principle towards sustainable fishing. Originally, the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, Feamp, was thus established to finance the monitoring of fishing methods and the improvement of catch data for establishing health status. stocks, but above all to encourage the development of fisheries and aquaculture to more positive practices, for an amount of € 4.3 billion. However, environmental groups complain under the heading "sustainable development" a name that is sufficiently vague to cover all kinds of initiatives.

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