Teacher jailed for having sex with a student who “looked” like her husband

A former high school teacher who confessed to having had sex with a teenage student in a classroom pantry has been sentenced to two years in jail.

Laura Bucy, 34, of Ohio in the United States, who worked as a home economics teacher, pleaded guilty in June last year to sexual assault, a third-degree felony, after admitting a sexual relationship with the boy 17 years old in 2018.

She allegedly told the police that the student “looked and acted like her husband” and shared a “very strong connection.”

The teenager often entered Bucy’s classroom to help her clean, according to an arrest report obtained by Oxygen

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On Wednesday, he received a two-year sentence after the victim and his parents made emotional statements detailing the long-term damage that his sexual abuse had caused his family.

“You have seriously injured this child,” said the father of the unidentified victim, according to Columbus’s office. “We fear it will never be the same. I hope the court sends you to prison.

The student’s father said Bucy told his son that he could never tell anyone what happened because she could lose her job and her children, the publication reported.

The teenager, who did not appear in court, provided a written statement that was read aloud. He described how he felt that Bucy “had all the power over me” during the illicit relationship.

He believed that she could have gotten him into trouble at school or altered his grades, he said, according to local WOIO station.

Bucy turned to the victim’s family and said: “Every day I think about what happened and how it should be difficult for your family. I am very sorry for the pain I caused to the victim, his family, my own family and my colleagues.” .

The relationship took shape at a time when Bucy “felt very overwhelmed to have three children to care for, work and attend college,” according to the police report.

She originally pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to local reports, and was later released after paying a bail of $ 50,000 while being ordered not to have any contact with the teenager.

She later pleaded guilty (September 2018), told police that the teenager “looked and acted” as her ex-husband and confessed to having had sex with him in the classroom pantry after lunch in February or March.

She told investigators that she and the child only had sex once, but then sexually explicit photos and videos were sent on Snapchat, a social media application that allows photos and videos to disappear after 24 hours.

Bucy admitted having supplied the teenage liquid for use in his vaping device and allowed him to use it in his office because he knew he liked it.

He also admitted buying about $ 10 in marijuana from another student, police said.

In his statement, the young man said he started “drinking alone in my room from Monday to Friday.”

“I began to isolate myself from others and stopped communicating with my family so I could be alone,” he said.

“I pray that they will never be allowed to work with students,” said the teenager, adding that the abuse had detrimental effects. “No child should have to go through this.”

According to Bucy’s lawyer, Larry Whitney, the former teacher had “much regret” and wanted to get to the “bottom of why this happened.”

Before being sentenced, Whitney argued that Bucy suffered a mental illness, which played a role in his behavior, according to Oxygen.

The judge decided that jail time was appropriate, not just probation and therapy, and said he would consider an early release after six months.

“Certainly, I think there are some real concerns about his progress,” Judge Ross said.

Bucy, who will now have to register as a sex offender as part of his sentence, has delivered his teaching certificate.


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