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Supply is affected by electrical rationing

April 7, 2019 8:55 am
Updated on April 7, 2019 8:57 PM

The main employers of Venezuela, Fedecámaras, warned Sunday that the electricity rationing applied in 20 states of the country, after the power failure in March, has an impact on production and therefore on food supply.

"There are strong problems in the industrial sector, which has no power plants, and in the sectors that require a cold chain, production is completely affected and that is starting to feel in the supply," Fedecámaras President Carlos told Efe Larrazabal.

He indicated that the employers have not made an exact calculation so far of the losses caused by all malfunctions in the electrical service in the first and last week of March. However, he pointed out that as a result of the massive blackout of the 7th of that month, which lasted 5 days, an estimated 200 million dollars was lost every day. Larrazábal assured that the losses due to blackouts that occurred in the last week of March are "more difficult" to calculate due to the intermittent operation of the service.

According to Ministers of Nicolás Maduro, the blackouts took place because the electricity system of the country was "attacked" by the United States and the opposition in a "cybernetic" way and with a long-range rifle. The opposition, for its part, points out that the lack of maintenance and corruption by the state was the cause of the electrical failures.

Maduro reported on March 31 about the implementation of a 30-day asset ration plan. According to the schedule designed by the Ministry of Electrical Energy and the National Electricity Company, 20 of the 23 states of the country without electricity will be at least 18 hours a week. The plan does not include Caracas, the state of Vargas, close to the Venezuelan capital and where the country's main airport is located, and the border regions of Amazonas (south) and Delta Amacuro (northwest).


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