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Substitute of the Duma of Anansky, the words of Klimkin about "gas war" provocative In the world politics

Moscow, March 20 – AIF-Moscow.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Energy Commission, Igor Anansky, said in a conversation with RT, the words of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, who said that "Russia will try to organize a new" gas war "after the end of the transit agreement. "

Anansky believes that the statement by Klimkin & # 39; initially provocative & # 39; used to be. The deputy said that the minister is trying to give what he wants and his statement can be seen as an attempt to exert pressure in the context of a future treaty.

"I remember that Ukraine illegally stole gas from the pipeline, and there was no fact that Russia did not deliver gas and arranged" war ", the delegate said.

He recalled that Russia offered market conditions in Ukraine, but Kiev refuses them and "tries to translate this into a political plane."

Ukraine has not been buying Russian gas since November 2015, but has been buying fuel in Europe in reverse. The current transit contract ends this year, now Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission are negotiating a new agreement. The next round of discussions took place in January, but no success was achieved. The next time the consultation takes place in May.

Meanwhile, gas prices continue to grow in Ukraine. Experts believe that gas can become too expensive for the population.


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