Sink in China swallows a bus and kills at least 6


HONG KONG – At least six people have died and more are missing after a bus sank in a sink in the city of Xining in northwestern China.

The video images that circulate on Chinese social networks on Monday show several people waiting to board the bus in Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, when a traffic signal falters and the vehicle begins to sink into the road.

Passers-by rushed to help passengers escape the sump, which was at least 32 feet in diameter, according to Chinese state media, but backed off when the bus slid further into the hole.

Rescuers worked overnight to free the trapped passengers. Local business owners said they tried to help by breaking the bus windows to reach passengers.

Officials in Xining said Tuesday morning that 10 people were missing and 15 more were injured.

Sinks can be caused by natural erosion or acid rainwater that weakens sedimentary rocks. Similar accidents in China in recent years were thought to come from construction projects.

A sink in the southeastern city of Xiamen in December swallowed underground trains. That same month, three people fell into a sump near a subway line under construction in Guangzhou, in southern China.

In 2013, a sump enveloped an entire building complex in Shenzhen, an industrial city on the border with Hong Kong.


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