Saudi Arabia issues a new warning to citizens for investing in Turkey

Saudi Arabia issued a new warning to its citizens on Monday against investment in Turkey.

The Kingdom embassy in Ankara asked potential Saudi investors to fully study the relevant laws and regulations in the country before making any investment.

He urged them not to fall into “unreliable marketing tactics that could leave them victims of fraud and scammers.”

In addition, he asked the Saudis who face problems with the owners who first contact the Saudi embassy or consulate in Istanbul to inform them of the necessary legal procedures.

The missions will also help them determine the credibility of the companies that investors work with and provide them with a legal consul from reliable offices.

Saudi Arabia had previously issued numerous warnings to its citizens in Turkey, urging them to be alert to theft. He cited incidents in which the Saudis had been victims of robberies and robberies.

The Kingdom had urged them to keep their passports and valuable possessions in safe places and to communicate with diplomatic missions in case of emergencies.


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