Russia releases the US government debt – Russia news today


Russian investments in US government debt fell by $ 1.2 billion per month, according to US Treasury statistics.

According to her, the volume of investments in Russia in the securities of the US Treasury amounted to 12 billion dollars in May 2019 and in June – already 10.8 billion: 5.5 billion for short-term bonds, 5.3 billion for long-term bonds.

In 2010, Russia owned US Treasury bonds with a value of more than $ 170 billion. This amount fell below 100 billion in early 2018, and below 15 billion in April – below 50 billion in May. The current 10.8 billion is a low point in 12 years.

A year ago, the head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, explained Russia's rapid exit from US government debt through the redistribution of international reserves.

Economists, as TASS writes, explained what happened to the sanctions that America then introduced against Russia, and accordingly the fear of Moscow that its assets could even be frozen.

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