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Ramadan case: a witness against Henda Ayari sentenced to a prison sentence

A witness who claimed to have been threatened with a rape claim by Henda Ayari, the prosecutor of Tariq Ramadan, has been sentenced to ten months in prison and must be tried in another case in 2019, according to a police source.

The witness, a sworn official, testified in a report dated 27 November 2017 that she had met Henda Ayari in March 2013 while seeking legal advice in the context of professional problems. It would then have made progress, and threatened him a few days later to file a rape complaint against him if he did not agree to have sex with her.

According to a police source, this witness, a former customs officer of 44, has just been sentenced to 10 months in prison for false. He is also involved with a case of rape as good as in a case of sequestration and extortion in the company of a former mercenary. Arrested by the judicial police of Rouen in 2015, he must be judged on these facts at the assizes in 2019.

4 women accuse Tariq Ramadan of rape

Tariq Ramadan, 55, has been arrested since he was charged on 2 February for "rape" and "rape of vulnerable persons" to the complaints of Henda Ayari, a secular and former Salafist activist, as well asanother woman with the nickname Christelle in the media. A third woman, Mounia Rabboujaccuses him of rape and the Islamologist is placed under the status of assisted witness in this section.

In Switzerland, a fourth woman filed a complaint against rape against him. These accusations have overturned this popular and controversial figure of Islam in Europe.

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