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Radio host recorded by train – There is a terrible suspicion

A well-known radio host was caught by a train. There is speculation about the cause of the accident. His fans are deeply sad.

Update of February 9, 2019, 10:50 am: The grief after the sudden death of Michael "Doc" Thompson is still great, his fans are in shock. On Friday, a user wrote on the Facebook posting posted on Thompson's side after the disaster: "When I was in Afghanistan, I paid extra to hear Doc and Skip … I never met him, but we talked a lot on Twitter and it felt like I knew him as well as a friend, I'm heartbroken for family and friends and will miss listening to him. "

Radio host Michael "Doc" Thompson laid out with train – donation page furnished

Update 08. February, 06.54 clock: Even three days after the tragic death of the popular radio host Michael "Doc" Thompson, the exact accident is still unclear.

The helpfulness for his family, consisting of his wife and three children, still does not stop. The goal of the donation site on GoFundMe was initially $ 20,000. In the meantime more than $ 100,000 has been donated to the family. Although this is only a small consolation for the loss of husband and wife, the family now probably has no financial worries.

Radio station died tragically

Haltom City – In a tragic accident, the American radio host Michael "Doc" Thompson was killed. The 49-year-old died on Tuesday afternoon because he was hit by a passing train.

Well-known Thompson, who was considered conservative, by his performances on the radio station MoJo 5.0. Above all, the moderator delighted his fans with his mix of reporting, commentary and the unrestrained sincere humor with which he led his shows. However, his fans do not start the day with the presenter.

Video: Caught by train – American radio presenter is dead

Was it the headphones?

How exactly it came to the collision on Tuesday afternoon is not yet known. Like the local news portal dfw.cbslocal.com Allegedly, Thompson jogged on the edge of a railroad in the Texas city of Haltom when the train hit him. According to the local police, wireless headphones were found at the scene of the accident, indicating that Thompson did not hear the train.

Ron Phillips, who is one of the owners of the MoJo 5.0 radio station alongside Thompson, has identified the dead. Thompson leaves his wife and three children behind. To support the 49-year-old family, a GoFundMe page has been set up.

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