Home world President Ali Bongo addresses Gabonese for the first time since his stroke

President Ali Bongo addresses Gabonese for the first time since his stroke

Speech by Ali Bongo to the Gabonese population, 31 December 2018.
Speech by Ali Bongo to the Gabonese population, December 31, 2018. YouTube

Gabonese president Ali Bongo Ondimba, who suffered a stroke on October 24, spoke for the first time since the beginning of his recovery in a video recorded in Rabat, Morocco, and aired on Monday. December in the evening by the Gabonese media and social networks.

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"It is true that I have experienced a difficult time, as sometimes happens in life", he said during his New Year's wishes In this video Ali Bongo appears from the front, his face marked by a strabismus. His speech is fluent, his head and hands move lightly. "Today, as you can see, I am better and I prepare you quickly to find you"Mr. Bongo added.

"This speech is proof that President Ali Bongo has been completely recovered, and his health problems are now behind him."said Presidential spokesman Ike Ngouoni. The Gabonese president has been recovering in Morocco since the end of November. In two months time, only one photo of the head of state and two videos without sound, recorded in Rabat, was broadcast. These images did not assure much Gabonese about the physical and intellectual capacities of Ali Bongo.

Internal tensions

The opposition and civil society had asked the Constitutional Court to declare a vacancy in force, in accordance with the Constitution. The vacancy was not pronounced by the Constitutional Court, which transferred certain powers from the President to the Prime Minister and the Vice President. The absence of Ali Bongo has also promoted internal tensions within Gabonese power, according to Gabonese political analysts.

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Monday night, the opponent Jean Ping, former presidential candidate of 2016, who claims to be the elected president "With more than 65% votes", expressed his wishes to the Gabonese. "Gabon and Gabonese must come from a dictatorship that plunders and kills", he said in a video shared on social networks. "We can no longer afford luxury to wait, nor to think of a providential solution […] The moment has finally come to fulfill the promises of our founders, to enable the dreams of our children and to regain the completeness of our sovereignty. "he added.

Jean Ping had called in mid-December "Confrontation" with the regime of Ali Bongo, before organizing a marshal meeting about 500 Gabonese.

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