Poroshenko wanted to stay alive


KIEV, August 1 – RIA news. Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told who he will see himself in ten years.

He refused to speculate about whether they would write about him in history books, and suggested that he would talk about it "in two to three years". In his opinion, the opinion of many will change after such a period due to his account.

Poroshenko also said that over the past five years he has been "stronger, more experienced and wiser". has become. “I am very old because it is not easy to be president. But it's not scary for a man. And I am proud of each of the five years of my presidency. I am proud of Ukraine … I am proud that the country is radically different. But because the format of the interview dictated that I had to admit some errors, I say that unfortunately I have to ask for forgiveness from the Lord, & Poroshenko added.