Poroshenko accused of withdrawing eight billion dollars from Ukraine


MOSCOW, August 17 – RIA news. An American entrepreneur of Ukrainian descent, billionaire Sam Kislin, said in an interview with Strana.ua that Petro Poroshenko pulled at least eight billion dollars out of the country during the five years of his presidency.

So, a businessman named Poroshenko and the prosecutor of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko, corrupt who worked in his own pocket and stole a lot of money.

The businessman also said that several criminal cases were filed in the United States against the former Ukrainian leader, one of which relates to the possible transfer of funds from the IMF tranche to Kiev for an amount of one billion dollars.

According to him, commissioned by Poroshenko, this money could go for other purposes: "They were withdrawn in the form of refinancing to commercial banks, and then they went into their pockets."

During Poroshenko's reign, Kislin was denied entry to Ukraine after he announced the former president's corruption schemes. This week he came to Ukraine to get acquainted with the new leadership of the country & # 39 ;.

Earlier, the State Investigation Office of Ukraine opened eleven cases about Poroshenko, in three of which the former president has the status of witness. Earlier, the prosecutor of Ukraine, Yuriy Lutsenko, said that Poroshenko is a witness in all criminal cases in which his name appears.