Peskov announced the start of a dialogue between Putin and Zelensky


MOSCOW, August 23 – RIA news. Russian President Dmitry Peskov spokesperson when asked about the likelihood of a rapid exchange of Russian and Ukrainian companies and a possible improvement in relations between the two countries, recalled Vladimir Putin's words about cautious optimism from talks with Vladimir Zelensky.

"For the time being we are observing the beginning of a dialogue between two presidents – between President Putin and President Zelensky. And we note, as we have said, certain contacts that are made in the development of these conversations, in the development of those agreements that I have nothing to add to these words, I just want to recall Putin's statement, the statement of the last days, in which he spoke of cautious optimism, which can also be said in the context of the Russian-Ukrainian relations, "said P Yeskov, who answered the question, it is possible to talk about improving relations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine in connection with the news about the possibility of an early exchange of held persons.