Paraglider filmed his own wreck in the mountains of Switzerland


The paraglider posted photos on the network that recorded the incident with his participation on July 10 in the municipality of Lauterbrunnen, the Swiss canton of Bern.

As the author of the video said, that day was good weather and nothing foreshadowed difficulties. In the valley of the Bernese Alps, where these recordings were made, flights took place – there were many paragliders in the air.

Ten minutes after taking off, at an altitude of around 500 meters, the user who took this video lost control of his plane. A strong gust of wind threw him on the slope.

"Miraculously, I was still aware and hovering the plane," the paraglider described the incident himself.

As a result, the man managed to land safely, collected equipment damaged during the landing, and walked five kilometers to the nearest station, where he boarded a train and went to the hospital.

According to him, he suffered a paraplegia, numerous bruises and torn wounds, but three days after the accident he got up again in the reserve paraglider.