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Oral hygiene: children make a dangerous mistake when brushing teeth

Learning to brush teeth is a phase in which all children continue. Some do not put all their heart, but others are a little too diligent, reveals a study by the American Center for Disease Prevention (CDC) about the oral hygiene of toddlers. Executed between 2013 and 2016 with more than 5000 children, the analysis shows that not everyone follows the correct rules when brushing teeth.

Many children use too much toothpaste

US recommendations indicate that children under the age of 3 must use the equivalent of a grain of rice to administer toothpaste. After this age and up to 6 years, it is an amount the size of a weight (about 0.25 grams) that must be used. Except that, according to the study, 38% of 3- to 6-year-olds use much more pasta than is recommended. Better than not enough, you answer. Well no! In this case "the best is the enemy of good"explain the researchers.

Indeed, toothpaste contains fluoride and, as important as it is for the health of their teeth, can put too much on his toothbrush to be harmful. There is a risk that the child swallows the doughbecause their swallowing reflex is insufficiently developed to prevent this, and it has not been done for that. "Taking too much fluoride when teeth grow can result in detectable changes in the structure of the enamel, such as discoloration or fluorosis in the mouth"not to mention that toothpaste can contain other substances that are not good for health when ingested, say the researchers. On the other hand, for the 12.4% of children who do not use enough, there is a risk that tooth brushing is insufficiently effective.

Children do not brush their teeth enough

Parents should be careful not to brush teeth, not just to check the amount of toothpaste used, experts say. Although it is not always easy, they have to make sure that it is done well, and often enough. During their study, the researchers discovered that 34.2% of children brush their teeth once a day, while it is recommended to do this twice to prevent cavities. Their analysis also shows that children and adolescents pay attention to their oral hygiene, a discussion with them will certainly help them to have more dedication!

We have to brush the baby's teeth faster

The other discovery of this study is that parents will brush their baby's teeth later than recommended. Ideally it is necessary to start when the first teeth appear, that is, in most cases, by the age of 6 months. However, the survey showed that 80% of children aged 3 to 15 years did not brush their teeth much later.

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