Newborn baby mutilated to death by stray dog ​​in hospital


Police in India are investigating after parents claim that their newborn baby was mutilated by a dog while in a hospital operating room.

The boy had only three hours when it was claimed that the dog had entered the room through an open window at Akash Ganga Hospital in the Farrukhabad district, 180 km from the capital of Uttar Pradesh, on Monday morning.

The mother had previously been transferred to another room and the police are investigating whether the baby was alone.

When the boy’s father rushed, he allegedly discovered that the animal had dragged him from his bed.

“I saw my son lying on the floor in a pool of blood,” Father Ravi Kumar told the Times of India.

India has more than 30 million stray dogs on the streets, with attacks on children is not uncommon. (EPA / AAP)

“He had dog bite marks on his chest and left eye. He was lying down without moving.”

Kumar said he confronted the staff, but they allegedly said the boy was born dead and that the dog in the operating room was unrelated.

Police are waiting for post-mortem results to determine the exact cause of death, however, charges of involuntary manslaughter are likely to exist.

“Preliminary evidence suggests that the baby was mutilated by a dog. We are investigating how a dog was admitted to the hospital,” District Judge Manvendra Singh told the media.

Police are also investigating claims that hospital staff allegedly tried to pay the family to shut up.

“The hospital says the baby was born dead and did not die from the attack. But parents say the hospital is lying. We are investigating the case thoroughly,” Singh added.

This is not the first time that Uttar Pradesh appears in the news about dog attacks on young children, a three-month dog and a seven-year-old dog were also killed to death by dogs in two separate incidents last year.


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