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Nearly 200 Facebook users viewed – New Zealand has consequences

Christchurch's assassin streamed his bloody act live on Facebook. Almost 200 users watched the broadcast without reporting the stream. Others deliberately redistributed the video on the net. This has consequences in New Zealand.

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In New Zealand, a second man has been accused of broadcasting the live video of the attack in a mosque in Christchurch on the internet. According to the police, 44-year-old Philip A. was arrested on Tuesday and charged with distributing intolerable material on two counts. A judge has ordered pre-trial detention. The man is on trial on 15 April.

In New Zealand, a teenager is already in custody, who also distributes the attack video. The researchers do not assume that the 18-year-old was directly involved in the attacks.

The alleged assassin, the right-wing Australian Brenton Tarrant, killed 50 believers in two mosques in Christchurch on Friday. He had filmed his loss and broadcasted live on the internet.

200 Facebook users watched unintentionally

Facebook claims the first clue for the Christchurch stop video after having received 29 minutes. The culprit had filmed his attack on two mosques with an action camera and sent it live via Facebook. The user's first notification came twelve minutes after the end of this live stream, Facebook said Tuesday.

The video was removed "within minutes" following a request from the police in New Zealand, it was said. In the beginning it was unclear how long it was online. Live stream videos remain available even after a transmission is over.

User puts the video online

The video was viewed less than 200 times during the live stream, about 4,000 times before Facebook deleted it. However, a user of the "8chan" platform uploaded a copy to a file sharing page even before Facebook discovered the video. This should have contributed to the later distribution of the video.

Facebook had already announced the weekend, the online network alone in the first 24 hours There are 1.5 million videos & # 39; s removed from the attack1.2 million of these have already been stopped during the upload. Because users had tried to fool the automatic detection with changes to the video, the sound was also adjusted.

Last Friday's racial motivation cost 50 lives.


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