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Nancy Pelosi: the most powerful opponent of Trump

Today, when Trump gives his State of the Union speech, Pelosi is his closest opponent. Not only the president initially underestimated the 78-year-old.

By Martin Ganslmeier, ARD Studio Washington

In prime time, millions of Americans are watching Trump's State of the Union tonight – and Nancy Pelosi is inevitable. As hostess and hostess, the chairman of the House of Representatives sits on a pedestal behind the lectern. So Pelosi is on Trump's neck. She will probably comment on some Trump statements by her expression, but otherwise follow the speech with a friendly poker face.

Trump, on the other hand, may be tempted to look back at her sometimes, to tell her in the face how important his wall is. At the latest after his defeat in the conflict over the stalemate of the government, Pelosi became the main target for Trump. "She is very bad for our country," he said about the Democrat. "If people die for political reasons all over the country, Nancy Pelosi points out safe limits, then she does our country very well."

"She cuts off your head"

Like so many male politicians, Trump has underestimated the graceful Grand Dame of the Democrats. "I love Nancy," he had initially offered her patronizing support when Pelosi had to ward off a rebellion of younger Democrats demanding a generational change at the head of their party.

Pelosi, the crafty tactician, has not only overwhelmed the critics of the party. On her first visit to the White House, she immediately trapped Trump by warning him of a "Trump shutdown". To which the urged president stated that he would gladly accept the responsibility for the closure of the government "for a safe boundary". No wonder that six out of ten Americans blamed the president for the government's weeks-long interruption. Eventually Trump gave up in annoyance.

Ironically, a 1.65-meter-high, always somewhat insecure-looking 78-year-old had caused the most painful defeat of his term. Her daughter Alexandra Pelosi, a documentary filmmaker, was recently asked on CNN why her mother was so often underestimated. The daughter's answer came like a gun: "She cuts off your head," she said. "And you do not even realize that it bleeds." This is basically all you need to know about her mother.

Zanapfel wall

That is what Donald Trump understood. Anyway, he has taken the initial limitation for the older lady. Looking forward to the election campaign in a year, he blames Nancy Pelosi for crime and drugs entering the country from the south across the open border. In addition, Trump strengthens the image of the enemy that its fans already have of Pelosi: an elite multimillionaire who owns a Napa Valley winery and engages in left-wing designer clothing and stilettos. Pelosi categorically rejects the construction of boundary walls as "medieval" and "immoral".

The Wall has long become a bone of contention in the power struggle between Trump and Pelosi. The American news magazine "Time" recently wrote: "Trump and Pelosi embody the Yin and Yang in the divided America." Both are convinced to keep the better cards in hand, so both refuse to give even an inch. In a caricature on the cover of "Time" Trump Pelosi shoots a little slingshot with Twitter, bombing him with a much larger catapult of forced summons – an allusion to the power of Pelose, the special committees of the president and a testimony to make.

Until it becomes clear which Democrat is the presidential candidate against Trump, Nancy Pelosi remains his strongest opponent, the woman who looks over his shoulder during his speech today.

Inforadio reported on this subject on February 5, 2019 at 12.30.


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