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Migration and border management: Orban sets conditions for the EPP

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<p class=Whether Orban's conditions are compatible with the orientation of the EPP is doubtful.

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On Wednesday, the EPP Bureau in Brussels will vote on the exclusion of the Fidesz party from the Hungarian Prime Minister Orban. The members demand a clear commitment to the community of values ​​- but the conditions of Orban to keep their distance are clearly different.

A few days before the possible expulsion of his Fidesz party from the European People's Party (EPP), Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary has set conditions for staying in the conservative party family. "For Fidesz, it pays to stay in the EPP as long as it is not entirely on the side of the advocates of migration," Orban & Chancellor Antal Rogan said on the state radio.

In addition, border management must be removed from the competence of the European Commission and transferred to the national states. The Council of EU Home Affairs Ministers should be given all decision-making powers on migration and border management and half of the costs of border management of the EU Member States should be borne by the EU. "As long as these proposals are not wiped out, Fidesz will remain in the EPP," Rogan said. The EPP also includes the CDU and CSU.

Whether Orban's conditions are compatible with the orientation of the EPP is doubtful. CDU European politician David McAllister urged Orban to be clear about European values. "Ultimately, it is up to Mr. Orban to be prepared to fully meet the clear conditions or not," McAllister said. The situation before the EPP consultation on the future of the Hungarian Fidesz party was "very serious".

"Not ready to defend Fidesz"

"The Hungarian government's billboard campaign against the European Union was another low point and many were rightly annoyed in the EPP," said McAllister, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the European Parliament. The EU is a community of values. "What binds us are the commitments to democracy, the rule of law, media freedom and tolerance." That is why there have been "fierce arguments" with Fidesz for years.

The party must now clearly admit to these values, McAllister asked. This does not include limiting the work of the Central European University (CEU) funded by the American billionaire George Soros in Budapest. The fact that Orban recently described his critics in the EPP as "useful idiots" was also "unacceptable."

Manfred Weber, EP party leader of the CSU, presented three conditions to the Hungarian head of the government to prevent an expulsion from the Fidesz party. In addition to the end of the "anti-Brussels" campaign, this also includes an apology to the other EPP member parties and the place of residence of the Central European University in Budapest.

Whether a decision will be made on Wednesday depends on the behavior of the Fidesz party, McAllister said. There are "different options on the table". According to him, he doesn't make & # 39; no secret & # 39 ;, McAllister said. "I am not ready to defend Fidesz in public."

Have "red lines" been exceeded?

That is also the reason why he voted in September in the European Parliament for criminal proceedings under Article 7 of the EU Treaty against Hungary, said the CDU politician. "It needs to be clarified in principle whether the Hungarian government still falls within the framework of what the EU treaties allow or whether red lines have been crossed." The Article 7 procedure can lead to the withdrawal of voting rights at European level.

As early as August 2017, Orban had demanded that the EU pay half of the costs of the controversial border fence it had built up on the southern borders of Hungary. Budapest estimated this with 800 million euros. The EU did not respond then. The EPP office will decide on Wednesday evening in Brussels at the request of 13 affiliated parties about the exclusion of the governing party from Orban.

The right-wing national Hungarian politician, disregarding democratic and constitutional principles, has expressed doubts about whether his party still fits into the EPP. Additional displeasure had recently led to a poster campaign by the government in Budapest, which entrusted EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker with false claims about migration. This campaign was largely Orban after harsh criticism from the ranks of the EPP set.


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