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Migrant & # 39; crucifies & # 39; in Mexico to demand safe behavior

Chiapas, Mexico

Dennis Hernández Varona, a Cuban migrant, staging of a crucifixion in the southeastern state of Chiapas to demand the immigration authorities Mexican grant him a permit to be able to cross the country.

The scene, very media, takes place on the square of the station Siglo XXI migration from the city Tapachula, a few tens of kilometers from the border of Mexico with Guatemala.

Exhausted before the slowness of Mexican government, the activist and economist told Efe that he had this demonstration before the delay, silence and deception who feels subdued by the Mexican authorities.

"It's because they don't give us our trade" to move freely, he said Monday.

He therefore regretted that a Latin American country would close its doors to another country if they were brothers, he said.

A few days after the Holy week the Cuban identified as Dennis Hernández Varona, in her thirties, said she decided in despair and disappointment hang on a cross to protest against the lack of attention from the immigration authorities for their request for permission visitor card for humanitarian reasons.

This allowed the Cuban to travel legally on Mexican territory – and even looking for work – and so on United States, where he expects to see the witness birth of his sonbecause his wife lives Los Angeles

Under the sun's rays, in very difficult conditions for your health and tied with chains to a wooden cross, the migrant He noted that it was weeks ago that he turned to the National Institute of Migration (Inami).

"My life is in danger because I decided to give this demonstration, because I spent countless days without eating, sleeping outside … The life of migrants is in danger," he said.

This is the second protest that Hernández Varona is leading, since he made one last month hunger strike to demand one answer on your request.

The migrant is part of a quota of 3,500 people many of them of African descent, but also Haitians, Cubans and Central Americans, who have stayed there for weeks Tapachula waiting for the authorities to process one safe behavior.

Dennis Hernández pointed out that in this city of Chiapas – which nowadays reaches temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius – there is an estimate 2,000 Cubans located in hotels, or rent houses.

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Waiting for the day of departure to the north with the papers, others are silent deported.

The phenomenon of caravans started mid October 2018, when thousands of migrants usually Hondurans and Salvadorans, they started this group exodus to feel safer and cause diplomatic clashes between different nations.

Weeks reached different groups from the northern border of Mexico, many of them in Tijuana, until the phenomenon relaxed.

But a new contingent left Chiapas at the end of March, tired of waiting for a visitor card for humanitarian reasons.



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