Mexican poster murders bride at the altar during her own wedding, kidnaps boyfriend

The happiest day of a Mexican bride became the last, after her brother’s rivals broke into her wedding and shot her dead. Her future husband was kidnapped by cartel hitmen who drove away in vans.

The grim scene, shocking even by recent standards in the country mistreated by crime, took place in the church of Nuestra Señora de San Juan in Celaya, in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, according to the Sun and Daily Mail.

It is believed that the murderers who undertook savagery come from the Jalisco New Generation Poster (CJNG) led by the feared chief Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, a former policeman known as El Mencho, who has surpassed the jailed Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán as The main one in Mexico. criminal sack man.

The bride, Karem Lizbeth Yépez Ortiz, was at the altar with her boyfriend, himself an alleged narco called “The Squidward”, when the shooting began around 2.30 on Saturday. The bride was also the sister of José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, aka “El Marro”, who runs the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, which is involved in a long dispute with the CJNG of El Mencho.

During the attack, which occurred just when the wedding ceremony was nearing completion, the Mexican site La Silla Rota reported that armed men arrived in vans at the door of the church, unleashing a shower of bullets. When the congregation finished dispersing, the bride was dead and the groom was nowhere to be seen. It was reportedly one of the many hostages taken by the CJNG, whose hitman escaped in several vehicles, shooting anyone who dared to look in his direction.

A scene of wedding chaos.


A completely innocent civilian who was near the church at the wrong time was also killed, hit by a bullet while riding his motorcycle. Local media reports that the state attorney general of Guanajuato is investigating the matter, but none of the victims have been officially named. The Broken Chair, citing a law enforcement officer, reported that the bride had been killed.

It is said that the killers wore bulletproof vests with the CJNG logo, vests that have appeared in several poster massacres in Mexico in recent times. It is reported that the CJNG has now published videos that incite El Marro himself for fleeing the wedding scene to avoid being killed.

A “Wanted” poster for El Mencho.

DEA Los Angeles / Twitter

In addition to their enmity with the CJNG of El Mencho, the El Marro group has threatened the new Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reports the InSight Crime intelligence website. While El Mencho operates in three quarters of the Mexican states and oversees a drug empire that encompasses America and Europe, the upstart Santa Rosa de Lima cartel in El Marro is primarily involved in the theft of fuel from local pipelines in Guanajuato.

A scene from the shooting near Saturday’s wedding in which a bride was killed at the altar.


It is said that a recent banner or narcomanta that the group left in Salamanca, Guanajuato, ordered the president to withdraw his security forces from the area, or else “innocent people would die.” El Marro denied having placed the banner, reports InSight Crime and, instead, blamed the crew of El Mencho for organizing the trick to make it look bad.

InSight Crime reports that the CJNG first arrived in Guanajuato in 2015 to establish itself in the local oil theft economy. It is said that the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel was formed to fight El Mencho.

The atrocity of the wedding comes a few days after another scene that shocked the nation: the murder of María Guadalupe López Esquivel, known as La Catrina or “The Lady of Death.” The 21-year-old cartel leader, one of El Mencho’s main subordinates in the state of Michoacán, was killed when his heavily armed group launched a shooting with the police. Having abandoned his family to move in with the CJNG in 2017, he had commanded his own squad of assassins and regularly posted photos on Instagram that showed his poster lifestyle.

In dramatic videos posted on social networks, La Catrina could be seen seriously injured after being shot in the neck, sitting in the dusty breath while a soldier told her to remain calm. It was then filmed being taken by a soldier to a waiting helicopter, but then died from his injuries.


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