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Melanya Trump explained why she wore a coat with the words "I do not care"

NEW YORK, October 13. / Tass /. The wife of the American president Donald Trump Melanya explained why she chose to travel to Texas, where she visited a center for keeping children of illegal immigrants, a coat with an inscription that caused a negative public outcry. The first lady gave an interview to ABC, which was broadcast on Friday.

In June of this year, Melania Trump, who had a meeting with the children of illegal immigrants, put on a windbreaker with the inscription: "Does that really bother me, and you?" Press photographers filmed her in this jacket when she boarded the plane. Many American media and members of the public criticized the first lady and found the inscription incorrect in the light of the fact that she went to the center where children were separated at the border with their parents.

As Melanya Trump reported, the decision to wear such a coat was her conscious choice, but the words placed on the windbreaker did not relate to children at all, as many thought. According to Melania they were directed to "those people and liberal media who criticized & # 39; to have on her. "I wanted to show them that I did not care," said the first lady. "You can criticize everything you want, but I will not stop doing what I think is right."

"Yes, it was a kind of message," Melanya told Trump, noting that she was angry about how the public and the media used it. "I'd rather see people concentrate on what I do and on my initiatives than on what I wear," she said.

In an interview with Trump's wife also admitted that her life in the White House is complicated by numerous rumors and speculations that broadcast local media. According to the first lady, even if her representatives make official statements, "people still do not believe it". At the same time she emphasized that she was generally satisfied with her current life. "I enjoy it and it will not last forever," she said, adding that she did not feel at all in the White House as in prison.

Trump's wife also responded to those who claim to have the strongest influence on Trump. "I give him my honest advice and share sincere standpoints, and then he does what he wants," said the first lady. At the same time, when she answered a question about Trump's plans to run a second term, she said her husband would "do an incredible job" as president of the United States. "Therefore, whatever he decides, I will support him," Melanya stressed Trump.

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