Man from Lower Bavaria: German holidaymakers stabbed to death in Croatia


18.07.2019 Passau / Pula.
A 23-year-old German was stabbed to death in Croatia by a 32-year-old. The alleged perpetrator would have misunderstood a compliment and then stabbed several times at the German tourist.

Probably in a dispute, a 23-year-old German was stabbed in Croatia. The man from Lower Bavaria was victim of the act in a restaurant in Pula on the popular tourist peninsula of Istria, police said Thursday.

A spokesperson said the 23-year-old was probably on vacation. Details about the Tuesday incident could not initially call the police in Lower Bavaria. The investigation is being conducted by the Croatian police.

According to the "photo", referring to Croatian media, the offender should have had a 23-year-old compliment on his haircut as an insult. The two met in a cafe. After an oral dispute, the German should have left the restaurant with his friends. As a result, the alleged perpetrator followed the men and pricked the 23-year-old tourist several times on the chest. (Dpa /