Mali: accused in a UN report, armed groups in defense


The report of a group of experts from the UN Security Council on the peace process in the north of Mali, and in general on the situation on the ground, does the ranks of some armed groups in the north of Mali.

The UN issues a devastating report on the situation in Mali. A 71 page & # 39; s document that was made public on Thursday 30 August and of which RFI have a copy. The organization denounces the involvement of the signatories of the Algiers peace agreement in terrorist attacks and organized crime. Facts that according to the UN indirectly endanger the stabilization of the country.

The accusations of the UN group of independent experts on Mali are overwhelming. There are terrorist attacks against Malian security forces, human smuggling, drug trafficking or the recruitment of child soldiers. The list of names mentioned in this report is long.

Although the report has not yet been officially published, leaders of armed groups no longer drop their phones or speak without being mentioned. This is the case of the military leader of Gatia, an armed group in the north, loyal to Bamako: " No, as far as I know, he said, Gatia elements do not protect drug convoys in the north of Mali. Yet this is what can be read in the UN document.

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Presented as " an eminent member of the HCUA (Supreme Council for the Unity of Azawad), "Salah Ag Ahmed is also accused of being an intermediary between terrorist groups in the north of Mali.This elected official of the place Talataye (North), member of the CMA (ex-rebellion) ), is unavailable for the time being, but according to one of his relatives these accusations are unfounded and he continues by asking " a new independent investigation ".

Iliad Ag Mohamed, the spokesperson for the CMA, points to errors in the UN report that he says " elements that have given us a very big surprise. We believe that the researchers or at least the elements in this report contain enormous errors, unfounded elements ".

He only takes the example of Salah Ag Ahmed, described as an element that establishes the connection between Ansar Dine and the EIG [le groupe Etat islamique dans le grand Sahara, deux organisations terroristes à l’origine d’attaques armées dans la zone]. " That is not true, it is unfoundedhe insists. We have all the evidence to prove that this is not the case of everything that he has been accused of. I believe that the reports are not based on in-depth research. Maybe it allowed some people to settle their bills at the expense of others. In any case, it is our analysis ".

One of the few people to speak at the moment is Mohamed Ousmane Ag Mohamedoune, secretary general of the CPA, Coalition of the People of Azawad, accused of obstructing the implementation of the peace agreement. The report also makes it clear that members of this group have been involved in terrorist attacks. Mohamedoune is accused of " very actively delayed Because of its alliances in the field, the stabilization of the region. " This is all wrong ", Answers Ousmane Ag Mohamed, for whom the UN researchers have extended their microphones too much to the enemies of his movement who do not want to" that peace ".

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Mohamed Ousmane Ag Mohamedoune

– By
Clementine Pawlotsky