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Luxurious and abundant food during the white dinner in Havana

Le Dîner and Blanc in Havana
Le Dîner and Blanc in Havana (Photo Excelencias Gourmet)

MIAMI, United States. – With the presence of nationals and tourists from different countries, this Saturday in Havana a new edition of "Le Dîner en Blanc" was celebrated, name that receives the most famous picnic in the world.

According to the AFP agency, the event took place in the gardens of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, where more than 500 people, 80% of them Americans and 70 Cubans, exhibited their white costumes with extravagant costumes, masks and hats. they were dusted for the occasion.

As required by the protocol, the site was kept secret until the last minute. However, contrary to what the tourist authorities in Cuba had announced, the participants did not have to bring tables, fold chairs or dishes or cook, but chose between different already paid menus.

The event was originally scheduled for late November 2018, but it had to be postponed due to multiple cancellations from US citizens.

Despite the worldwide recognition of "Le Dîner en Blanc", the event was not widely announced by the official Cuban media, which only briefly reported what happened.

The celebration of the famous dinner in Havana, supposedly dedicated to celebrations for the 500 years of the city, takes place in the midst of a food shortage crisis that has been extended to all provinces of the country.


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