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Kiev "sees no catastrophe" where it is

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The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, sees no catastrophe in the massive departure of the able-bodied population of his country abroad (although diplomatically stated that he regards labor migration as a "mega world"). "Ukrainians are forced to leave Ukraine to work abroad, this is not a catastrophe, but it is a mega world for Ukraine."

This is unfortunately not the tastiest in the ministerial speech. Such Ukrainians leaving for Europe (of course, the & # 39; aggressor country & # 39; is not a question here), Klimkin believes, could officially get a second citizenship, while maintaining the Ukrainian passport. That is, the minister is well aware that, in modern Ukrainian reality, the ultimate goal of labor migrants is not to "go away to make money", but "to leave to go permanently". And if this is "no catastrophe" for the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, then there is either something wrong with the minister himself or with the state he represents.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin

April 26, 2018 8:00 AM

White Tree Merchant Minister Pavel Klimkin

Let's explain what's at stake.

According to official data from the local Ministry of Social Policy, only nine million citizens of this unfortunate country go abroad for seasonal work every year. And in recent years, these numbers are growing fast, almost exponentially, so there is nothing surprising. With work in Ukraine, everything is as it is. That is why, according to official Ukrainian statistics, around 20 percent of the population go to work each year: otherwise they generally cannot survive.

And to say that these Ukrainian statistics are "a bit bad" is to say nothing at all. Only in the Russian Federation, for example, do they work without registration, according to different sources, from three to five million people, of whom they are unaware of the Ukrainian statistics service, because they do not officially do it. But this is also triviality: first, the aforementioned 20 percent of the population is counted primarily from & # 39; only & # 39 ;, and not only from the & # 39; valid & # 39; population. That is, to say the least, incorrect. Secondly, they were calculated "on the basis of official statistics", according to which (according to the State Statistical Committee) from 1 January 2018, 42.2 million people lived permanently in the country. And in this "total number of citizens and taxpayers", the brave Ukrainian statisticians include in a very natural way not only the Donbass, but even for five years, when Crimea lives peacefully in Russia. And everyone who has been away for a long time and has forgotten about their Ukrainian passport.

Independence Square in Kiev

January 13, 8 a.m.

Ukraine: better life has of course disappeared. But it became much more fun

And generally, local statistics only work with documents, and the last All-Ukrainian census took place in this territory in a far and relatively prosperous year of 2001. But even according to these Ukrainian paper records and taking into account the population of Crimea and the Donbass, according to the 2001 figures, the economically active population in the area was 22,056.9 thousand people (aged 15-70 years), or 20,247.9 thousand people of working age. And if this data is easily compared with the official figures of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, then it can easily be ensured that almost half of the economically active population of the country travels abroad for seasonal work.

And if this is not a & # 39; catastrophe & # 39; is for the state, we are even afraid to assume that the current authorities in Kiev are already considering it as a catastrophe. As long as it is a complete plague, slippery and other apocalypse, but in principle it cannot be said that Ukraine is that far away.

And the explanation here is that what others have in mind, and Paul Klimkin is perhaps the only one in the language, and it is quite simple: the current Kiev elites themselves do not correlate with the territory and population they control, and act exclusively according to the principle of "colonial rule". That is, the task is absolutely primitive: we rob the territory and the population in the interests of the metropolis (and about ourselves, loved ones, not to be forgotten) as much as possible, and then we are taken away from here. Only because if you assess what is happening in the field that has been entrusted to you, you are not even considered "a disaster", leaving the majority of the able-bodied and economically active population behind, then there is no such "future" among your management for this country – and these are not non-abstract conclusions, but just a boring language of numbers.

Local people during the festive event dedicated to the day of the flag of Ukraine

November 11, 2017, 2:00 PM

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