Jokowi orders intelligence and police to approach the “organizations” on the general law – Business

President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has asked law enforcement and intelligence agencies to approach “organizations” and communicate with them about a general bill that is being drafted by the government.

“I ask, especially the head of the National Police, the head of the State Intelligence Agency, the attorney general and all relevant ministry officials to approach and communicate with existing organizations at the same time as the bill is deliberating in the House of Representatives, “he said. during a limited cabinet meeting at the State Palace in Jakarta on Wednesday.

He also asked members of his cabinet to finish drafting the bill this week.

“Our goal is for the deliberations of this general bill to end in less than 100 business days,” the president said.

The government is preparing a general bill on job creation, which, if passed, would amend more than 1,000 articles in several existing laws, including the Labor Law, whose rigid provisions have been blamed for hampering investment in the country. The bill is expected to facilitate business in the country and attract more foreign investment and, in turn, create jobs.

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However, unions have expressed objections to the draft, claiming it will undermine labor rights.

On Monday, hundreds of people representing seven labor unions and organizations, including student groups, under the auspices of the Labor Movement with the People (Gebrak) expressed their opposition to the general bill in front of the House building in Jakarta.

On January 9, a smaller protest with about 100 people marched through the streets of Tanjung Priok Harbor in northern Jakarta to criticize the government’s plan.

The Confederation of Indonesian Workers’ Unions said in a recent statement that it would carry out another strike on January 20 to protest against the bill and take other measures.


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