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Jimmy Kimmel about Sarah Sanders: & # 39; She must be forced to resign & # 39;

Late night hosts criticized the press secretary of the White House for sharing a manipulated video in response to the statute of CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

Jimmy Kimmel: & # 39; She has deliberately docked images & # 39;

On his show Kimmel played the images again of Acosta who allegedly abused a trainee from the White House. "He not only arrested her, he also went:" Excuse me, ma'am, "he said.

Sanders later shared a manipulated video of the Infowars event – "a website for mentally unbalanced" – while tweeting that such behavior was unacceptable.

"This may also be the first time I've ever seen Sarah Sanders take the woman's side of a subject," she said.

Kimmel continued: "She should be forced to resign, she intentionally distributed images to discredit a reputed journalist."

Stephen Colbert: What is a Beto? A candy bar? & # 39;

At the Late Show, Stephen Colbert began by saying, "The election was only two days ago, but it feels like five days ago, what is a Beto? Is it a candy bar?"

He then also discussed Trump who closed Acosta at the press conference before denying him access to future printers. I am not saying that he is Kim Jong-un, & # 39; said Colbert. "He is Kim Jong-like."

Colbert also joked that it was the "worst" assignment for the trainee concerned: "destroying the first amendment".

Now that Acosta was excluded from the White House, Colbert asked: "Oh no, how does he get no answers to his questions?"

He also said that Sanders' decision to tweet a manipulated video was "reprehensible" and reason for dismissal & # 39 ;. Or as they call it on the board of Trump, Thursday. & # 39;

Trevor Noah: & # 39; That is so cunning and impressive & # 39;

The daily show

The new Acting Advocate General Matt Whitaker is thirsty for Trump and it worked all the way. pic.twitter.com/BOF2gCm7sT

November 9, 2018

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah spoke about the Acting Attorney General, Matt Whitaker, who "appears to be the exact opposite of Jeff Sessions" before picking up his excavated past as part of a scam-patent business, including a video showing a hot tub discusses. gimmick.

& # 39; How is America going to hire a man who shatters hot tub inventors as his top agent? & # 39; Early Noah. "That seems to be a real conflict of interest for me."

Whitaker has been an expert on CNN several times to discuss how he thinks the investigation into Mueller is unfair on Trump. A source now says that he did this to be noticed by the president. "That is so cunning and so impressive," said Noah.

He continued, "In short, Whitaker was on CNN with the thirst for falling for Donald Trump and it worked, because Trump slipped into the DMs as," I am DTF! Down to fire Sessions. "

Seth Meyers: & # 39; These guys are such cowards & # 39;

In the late evening with Seth Meyers, the host went into Trump's agonizing 90-minute press conference, including Trump telling journalists that they would not understand the fact that he is being audited. "What do you mean people would not understand?" He asked. "It's tax returns, Trump sounds like a father who does not know how to answer a question from his five-year-old."

Meyers continued: "He sees himself as above the law, for his laws are no restrictions, they are weapons that you can use against your opponents."

During the presser, Trump noted the candidates who & # 39; & # 39; the embrace & # 39; & # 39; to accept him did not accept – a tactic that Meyers' small and vindictive & # 39; mentioned, while he also said the embrace & sounds as a euphemism from Mike Pence for sex & # 39; .

It has been reported that Trump led John Kelly to dismiss Sessions, who did it over the phone. "These guys are such cowards," he said. I'm surprised that they did not send Stephen Miller to land on Sessions' windowsill. & # 39;


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