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Jared Kushner is going to play rogue states in Saudi Arabia, giving rise to concerns about national security

Jared Kushner has become a rogue state.

White House senior adviser Donald Trump again resigned governmental standards during an official state trip to Saudi Arabia, allegedly discussing cooperation between US and Saudi Arabia with crown prince Mohammed bin Salman at a meeting held at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. the US in Riyadh was lacking.

The 38-year-old adviser also discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the US economic investment in the Middle East with Saudi royalty, including King Salman, according to a White House message of the trip which, like the former president's attorney was released Michael Cohen began his explosive public testimony last week on Capitol Hill.

The quiet involvement of Mr. Kushner in such high-profile meetings has raised national security problems among military and intelligence officials who said the president's son-in-law "undermined" the American authority in the region.

Naveed Jamali – a former officer of the US Department of Defense and double agent – told The independent the Trump administration has often "blurred" the "communication lines" between government agencies by sending Mr. Kushner to meet top international officials.

"We know that there is a flawed system due to the fact that Jared Kushner has security clearance," said Jamali – who launched a bid for a political office – on Thursday, noting the omission of Russian contacts by the 38-year-old adviser of his initial application for approval and foreign assets that would normally deter an official from receiving a release.

Mr. Jamali added: "Who speaks for the government, the institutions or the family of the president?"

Several sources from the US embassy in Riyadh have reportedly said they have not been read in the details of Mr. Kushner Saudi Arabia's visit, and have not yet received any briefing on the White House meetings with Saudi leadership.

Mr Kushner was allegedly also provided with security by Saudi officials during his visit – part of a state visit usually handled by the US embassy in the region. Employees of the embassy are also usually at high-level meetings and may include information and military personnel, cultural attachés and officials from other government agencies.

Those reports, first published in the Daily Beast almost a week after Mr. Kushner's journey, were refuted by a senior official.

"This report is not true and the sources have been misinformed", said the official.

During his encounters with the Saudi Crown Prince, Kushner apparently missed the controversial murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post journalist and the US resident who disappeared after entering Saudi Arabia in Istanbul last year. The international intelligence community and Turkish officials have claimed that the crown prince was involved in the alleged murder of Mr. Khashoggi, who was often critical in his coverage of the Saudi government.

Mark Hertling, a former US Army officer, protested against the White House government in a chatter for allegedly not including "experts on critical subjects" in the meetings of Mr. Kushner with Saudi royalty's.

Walter Shaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, also asked why Mr. Kushner had "secret meetings with the Saudi government" while keeping American officials "in the dark about the content of the meetings".

"Are conflicts of interest at issue here?" He wrote on Twitter.

Mr. Kushner, long regarded as a security risk embedded in Career Intelligence officers in the West Wing, would have had informal talks about the WhatsApp chat app with the Saudi Crown Prince, with whom he has established a relationship since the Lord's election. Trump in 2016.

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The New York Times reported Mr. Kushner to advise the prince on how he could endure the controversies surrounding the killing of Khashoggi.

House Democrats have investigated the security processes of the White House under Mr. Trump, which demanded a lot of documents relating to the issue and other research questions from Mr. Kushner, along with 81 total contacts and entities close to the president.

"[Kushner] is somehow more susceptible to personal offers such as financial gain, "said Mr. Jamali." He does not seem to have the strongest loyalty to the US … that is worrying. "

We will tell you what is true. You can form your own opinion.

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