Italy wants to sue Germany for Austria TIME ONLINE


Italy intends to work with Germany to bring an EU case against Austria above the Tyrolean driving ban. That said Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) the Photograph on SundayTogether with his Italian colleague Danilo Toninelli, he called on the European Commission to take action to stop "this systematic blockade".

According to the report, the two transport ministers announced the complaint to the European Commission in a joint letter of complaint. It concerns the so-called block handling of trucks at the German-Austrian border crossing to lighten the Brenner route. On busy days, the Austrian state only allows up to 300 trucks per hour to illuminate its own highway. Trucks on German roads are stacking miles away from the border.

Ministers also criticized the previously imposed and probably mid-September driving ban for "Navi Ausweichler" who want to avoid the congestion on the motorways or avoid the toll by passing the villages. To prevent this, the Tyrolean government has closed several rural roads for tourism. The measures are discriminatory, Scheuer said. With regard to the successful Austrian legal proceedings against the German car toll, the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) also criticized the blocking.

In the dispute now that the EU Transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc, wants to transfer. She invited government representatives from Austria, Germany and Italy to a crisis meeting in Brussels. Tyrol Governor Günther Platter demanded that the meeting take place with the cooperation of Tyrol. "The driving ban was issued by the Tyrolean state government and not by the federal government," he told APA news agency. Moreover, the measures fall under European legislation.

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