"It will be necessary to understand whether the relief could have done more" to find it, estimates the victim's father's lawyer


Maurizio Sica, the victim's father's lawyer, said there are "a series of circumstances that give rise to suspicions of a rapid death" by Simon Gautier.

Although an "homicide" investigation has been opened in Italy, "It will be necessary to understand whether the relief could have done something more" to find Simon Gautier, explained to franceinfo Maurizio Sica, the victim's father's lawyer. The 27-year-old hiker was found dead on August 18 in a canyon south of Naples after disappearing while walking on August 9. "There are a number of circumstances, including the position of the body, that raise doubts about a rapid death or the fact that the bleeding took place at the same time as the call that Simon made to help", he detailed. The autopsy on Simon's body, performed on Wednesday, revealed a bleeding after the section of an femoral artery, according to the prosecutor in charge of the investigation.

franceinfo: In what state of mind is the family of Simon Gautier?

Maurizio Sica: I had an interview with Simon & # 39; s father, Dominique Gautier. He looks forward to knowing what the cause of his son's death may be and how long he died. The autopsy allegedly began to give answers to Simon's father. The public prosecutor received us in his office, the magistrates expressed their condolences to Mr. Gautier and asked him if he had any questions. Simon's father asked the prosecutor to give an explanation for the death of his son.

What are the questions of Dominique Gautier, Simon's father?

The main question is why Simon died and how? And what more could have been done? The autopsy gave us an objective result. He suffered an injury to an artery of the leg, which tends to cause a fairly rapid death. The information that Simon died within 45 minutes of his emergency call is unofficial, so I take it with a pinch, because I have to read the autopsy report, which will be sent back in a month and a half. There are a number of circumstances, including the position of the body, that cast doubt on a rapid death or the fact that the bleeding occurred at the same time as Simon & # 39; s request for help.

In Italy an investigation is started for manslaughter. What are the circumstances?

The investigation is currently open against X because it is believed that there may have been negligence on the part of someone who should have saved Simon. But nobody is registered in the register of suspects. The autopsy report is compared with the observations at the place where Simon was found and in his phone. Magistrates can decide whether to put someone in the register of suspects for negligence or to classify the investigation.

Magistrates will also investigate assistance, especially in the first 24 hours. The geolocation that Simon asked for was not made. You have to understand if it is possible, if there was a network and if there were the means to do it. It will also be necessary to understand whether the helpers could have done a little more to identify Simon's position, regardless of geographic location, by holding him on the phone and asking him for more visual and geographic information. Knowing that Simon was traveling from Policastro to Naples, for example, he might have been asked how long he had fallen, so that the investigation could have focused on a much smaller space. It is important to understand which protocols and regulations determine the behavior of the person who has accepted the call.


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