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Iran introduces a new medium-range rocket

Controversial rearmament: Iran has unveiled a new medium-range rocket. Until the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution, military projects will also be presented.

Iran presented a new medium-range rocket a few days before the fortieth anniversary of the Islamic revolution. The ground-to-surface missile "Desful" with a range of 1000 kilometers was presented in an underground factory, reported the Isna news agency on Thursday. Ballistic missiles for the Revolutionary Guard, an elite unit of the army, were produced at the factory. The factory was kept secret.

The Iranian missile program is internationally controversial. Especially the weapons at medium distance are considered a serious threat to the arch enemy Israel of Iran. With a range of 2000 kilometers they could hit every part of Israel.

Other military and technological projects

Last week Iran tested a new cruise missile with a range of 1350 kilometers. By the time of the fortieth anniversary of the revolution, next Monday, further military and technological projects will be presented, according to the media.

Iran has always stressed that the country will continue to develop its rocket program despite international protests. However, the missiles would only be used in the case of defense and would not pose a threat to other countries, stresses Tehran. That is why the country does not need permission from abroad for its tests.


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