International Economic Forum in St Petersburg is coming to the finish


Marathon of meetings, negotiations, heated discussions and the most important decisions. Today is the last day of the forum. And the central event for those who are just preparing to become business sharks: young entrepreneurs and students discussed economic issues. They will certainly be equal to who – on the eve of their higher comrades, she spoke to Vladimir Putin until late in the evening.

The day is definitive, but no less intense – today, a hundred corporate events are planned at the St. Petersburg forum. And late at night, Vladimir Putin met with representatives of & # 39; the world's largest companies. They discussed the participation of companies in the implementation of national projects, for which an unprecedented amount is allocated to the Russian budget – almost 26 trillion rubles, or about 400 billion dollars

"Our priorities include topics such as health, education, research and development, as well as support for entrepreneurship, which we consider to be a value in itself. In addition, substantial amounts will be allocated for the development of backbone infrastructure, transport and energy, separately for For this purpose, we are allocating 6.4 trillion rubles, which is $ 100 billion, and it is also expected to increase the volume of housing, improve road safety, and it is clear that work on implementing national projects is a huge field is for cooperation and partnership, "said Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin conducts such meetings in a confidential atmosphere, a frank conversation about this, comments are made. Suggestions and wishes from the business community will be taken into account, Vladimir Putin promised.

"I looked at the TV screen between conversations with my colleagues & saw that the discussions were quite active, and I want to assure you that we will carefully analyze the course of these discussions and make our meeting today, as usual, make adjustments , and it is always necessary to do this in our practical work to improve the conditions of your work here in Russia, and many of you have been working successfully in Russia for a long time. markets of third countries, and, of course, we are keeping a close eye on this, we are trying to support you, we appreciate and intend to continue to work in the same way, while at the same time we believe that there are many reserves for progress. books, "said Vladimir Putin.

Late in the evening, the Russian president again met with the Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer. The German politician argues in favor of lifting sanctions against Russia, warning of their danger to the European economy. At the same time, global business continues to invest actively in Russia. In the first place, China, and literally thereafter, is business people from the US. They were reluctant to communicate with journalists, but the figures are unrelenting – half of the forum participants are Chinese and American entrepreneurs.

Today, business people and students have changed the sharks of world trade in the main forums of the forum. The so-called Youth Economic Forum has been organized for them. The members started their day with networking – building useful professional and social connections. It seems like a simple exchange of business cards, but in fact a continuation of the discussions, a discussion of the ideas expressed in these days. Young people today hold their plenary session, round tables and give their vision on what Russia and the world will look like in a hundred years. Such futuristic predictions are always important.

"I love cars, I like to understand them, so I created a multifunctional mechanical umbrella that protects cars while parking, against icicles and against foreign objects falling. And I think I love it can realize and earn money with it & # 39 ;, says student Viktor Kosmachyov.

"I am very sad if my fellow entrepreneurs do not know that they can register with specialized committees. If you build the dialogue correctly, including with the authorities, you will in fact receive certain support measures that will help a lot," said entrepreneur Anisia Evdokimova.

Analysts say: this year the interests of business have changed drastically. If last year was the problem of finance in the first place, where could you find money, now – which areas are the most profitable. In the first place – retail. The leaders include transport, IT technology and the internet.

The results of the forum – how many and for what amounts contracts were awarded – will be announced during a press conference during the day. But we can say with confidence that if the total number exceeded 2.5 trillion rubles last year, this will be no less.