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In the United States, the Supreme Court is blocking a Louisiana law on abortion

This file was considered a test for the temple of American law. The chief of the court, John Roberts, joined in his voice with the four progressive magistrates.

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Washington Supreme Court, February 13, 2016.
The Supreme Court of Washington, February 13, 2016. Jon Elswick / AP

The Supreme Court of the United States blocked, on Thursday 8 February, the entry into force, planned the next day, of a Louisiana law that, according to its opponents, wanted to limit access to the abortion.

This case was seen as a test for the American Temple of Law, largely reworked since the election of President Donald Trump. The decision was taken by a small majority, with Chief Justice John Roberts joining the four forward judges to freeze Louisiana legislation.

This text, adopted in 2014 in this conservative state of the South, provides for the imposition of voluntary doctors to carry out abortions to be licensed to practice in a hospital less than 50 kilometers from the location of the operation.

According to advocates of the right to abortion, these conditions are too far-reaching and only a doctor and a clinic can continue with abortions throughout the state. An insufficient number, she begged, for the approximately 10,000 voluntary abortions (abortions) that were performed every year.

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John Roberts agrees this time with the progressives

Louisiana justified the measure by mentioning the risks of complications and the need, in case of problems, to be able to transfer patients to nearby hospitals. His arguments convinced a court of appeal, which after years of procedures had allowed the law to finally take effect this week.

In the run-up to this deadline, opponents of the text urged the Supreme Court to block it, pending a decision on the merits. They argued that even if they were to win later, the consequences of the law would be irreparable and closed clinics would not be able to reopen. They pointed out in their appeal that the Court had rejected a similar law adopted in Texas two years ago.

But in the meantime Donald Trump won the presidential election with the support of the evangelicals, to whom he promised to appoint only judges who oppose abortion at the Supreme Court. Since he was elected, he has been able to bring in conservative judges Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, who both have chosen the law of Louisiana.

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Two years ago, Justice Roberts voted with the Conservatives to enforce Texas law. By pronouncing Thursday to block that of Louisiana, he brought a new balance in the Court.

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