Important Brexit agreements: what runs until October 31


The UK is currently leaving the EU by 31 October. Until that time, there are a number of important dates that, in turn, can cause the Brexit to be postponed again. An overview.

September 9th: The law against the no-deal Brexit must enter into force with the signing by the queen. On the same day, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to call again for a new election before Parliament can be sent to mandatory detention.

September 11: EU ambassadors are concerned with developments in the Brexit dispute.

September 12th: The British Parliament must enter the mandatory break no later than this day.

16 September: The European Parliament is returning from its summer vacation.

14 October: The British Parliament is reopened by the Queen's reading of the government's program.

October 15: Desired date of the Johnson government for parliamentary elections in the UK. In Brussels, the remaining 27 EU countries want to discuss the Brexit at ministerial level this day.

17 and 18 October: EU Summit of Heads of State and Government.

19 October: Deadline in law against a no-deal Brexit expires. If no exit agreement has been ratified at that time, the British Prime Minister must request a Brexit transfer.

October 31st: Previously announced the last day of UK EU membership. However, the UK EU exit has been postponed several times. An EU spokeswoman therefore called the date of 31 October also "working hypothesis".

The Tagesschau reported on this subject on 6 September 2019 at 5 p.m.



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