Home world "If the climate was a bank, we would have saved it."

"If the climate was a bank, we would have saved it."

This speech by Pierre Larrouturou is as angry as it is optimistic. And rightly so: the economist explains, on the one hand, that we have the financial means to save the environment, but on the other hand, if nothing is done, it is only for lack of political will … A video that you not to be missed.

For Pierre Larrouturou, lack of money can not justify the passivity of political decision-makers. Why? Because according to him, money is not what is missing. The problem is that we prefer to leave it to the banks, who prefer to rely on speculation rather than on the future. Hence his suggestion: create a European bank that is exclusively responsible for the financing of the ecological transition. Look (a video France 5 relayed by gross):

"If you know that the European Central Bank has created 2,600 billion euros in three years, it is difficult to understand that we can not finance the fight against climate change."

"Money, there is, it is a matter of political will."

"In addition to the technical aspects, I repeat: there are 80 billion available each month, and if we put only half, 40 billion per month in the area of ​​climate and biodiversity, we could win the battle and create huge jobs. 800,000 jobs could be created in France alone. "

We would have the means. All that remains is to find the will …

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