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"I want my puppy's to eat meat from those women": begins the process of the & # 39; Monster from Ecatepec & # 39;

The office of the public prosecutor Mexico He made the accusation for the crime of feminicide against Juan Carlos & # 39; N, nicknamed by the media as "the monster of Ecatepec", which claimed the murder of the minus 20 women in the state of Mexico (middle), the entity with the highest number of femicides in the country, according to newspaper reports.

The judge could only prove, in the second hearing this Friday, of a single murder, committed against Nancy Nohemí, a woman disappeared together with her two-month-old baby on September 6, and the accused murdered, according to his own confession, to sell the child for 15,000 pesos ($ 700).

Together with his wife, with whom he confessed to have committed the crimes, the accused was linked to the trial – a term used by the Mexican legal system to formalize the arrest – but the trial will continue next week.

Dozens of family members of murdered women have asked the prosecutor for advice during the hearing identification analysis of the remains that & # 39; the Monster of Ecatepec & # 39; in his house, a process that could take several months or even years.

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico, Alejandro Gómez, reported on the crime classification of femicide, and said in statements to Radio Formula that the killer, arrested last week, has personality disorders and is proud of the crimes committed.

At the hearing, according to the Excelsior newspaper, she told the victims' mothers that Nancy was murdered and dismembered on the day of her disappearance. In his house, where he kept bone remains and limbs of frozen bodies, he also admitted that he, his wife and dogs came to eat the meat of the animals. murdered women. "I prefer that my puppy's eat meat from these women so that they keep breathing in my oxygen", he said in his first statement.

Under the evidence against him, the investigating police officers found objects of the victim on an altar in front of the Santa Muerte, where two bottles of alcohol were lying with the hearts of their victims.

For every female murder he could pay a 60-year prison sentence, the maximum punishment for this crime. He is also tried for the excavation of human remains and human trafficking, as well as for the sale of Nancy Nohemí's baby.

The latest serial killer of women in Mexico is Juana Barraza Samperio, nicknamed "La Mataviejitas", sentenced to imprisonment in 2008 for the murder of 17 older women and 12 robberies.

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