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Hidden cameras in your Airbnb? This is how you can find them

(CNN) – Airbnbs have changed the way we travel and offer accommodation that adds a whole new dimension to travel.
Sometimes that extra dimension is wonderful – a unique place to stay in a cool neighborhood, or the chance to experience life as a local.

But lately there have been a few incidents where the extra dimension is downright creepy.

Of course these are probably isolated incidents and Airbnb says it has taken action, investigated it and apologized if necessary. Airbnb maintains that negative experiences during a stay are extremely rare.

"The safety and privacy of our community – both online and offline – is our priority," Airbnb said in a statement following the incident in Ireland. "The Airbnb policy prohibits strictly hidden cameras in listings and we take reports of violations very seriously."

Nevertheless, after Andrew Barker from New Zealand had used his professional IT security skills to detect the camera hidden in the house in Cork, his family advised other travelers to scan networks for secret devices.

Exercise in trust

The Barker family found a hidden camera in an Airbnb in Ireland.

The Barker family found a hidden camera in an Airbnb in Ireland.

Nealie Barker

"We think that people need to realize that the travel market is largely unregulated and that if you were not prepared to be filmed, you had to take all the steps right," Nealie Barker said.

But is it even possible to check for such espionage devices without completely descending into paranoia?

We must demonstrably not check at all. Every rental of accommodation, whether it's a large hotel chain or a person, is an exercise in confidence, without which it is difficult not to just stay home.

"It is clear that this is happening in a small minority of properties on the site, but it's never a bad idea to look around your Airbnb when you arrive, not only for hidden cameras, but also for security items , such as unobstructed exits and fire extinguishers, "says Pauline Frommer, editor of the travel brand of Frommer.

"The key to remember with all Airbnb stays is that these are private properties that are not subject to the same types of inspections as a hotel," Frommer said.

Not that hotel guests are completely immune to breaches of digital age. In South Korea last month, arrests were made after police said more than 1,600 people in motel rooms had been filmed in secret.

For those who want to follow the advice of Barkers, security experts point to different levels of controls, from the fleeting to the depths that could help identify hidden lenses.

First of all, controls must be performed on foreign devices, the glare of camera lenses and small holes around each room, according to technical websites such as lifehacker and Digital Trends.

They say that this should include the back of books, mirrors, light bulbs, house plants, areas that give the best field of view.

Apps and scanners

The camera that the Barkers found was hidden in a smoke detector or carbon monoxide monitor.

The camera that the Barkers found was hidden in a smoke detector or carbon monoxide monitor.

Nealie Barker

Flashlights, such as those on a smartphone, can be used to capture reflections from camera lenses. Tech experts advise to turn off all lights and make a flashlight shine in the area to look for a lens.

All gadgets that look abnormal must be targeted: alarm clocks and smoke detectors are possible hiding places for cameras.

"Assuming the camera has some kind of lens, you use a device with a very bright light source and a viewfinder that you can use to scan for the reflections of the lens," Professor Alan Woodward of the Center for Cyber ​​Security in the UK Surrey University, told CNN.

Some cameras can work in the dark and for that they need an infrared source, he added.

"If that was the case, you would assume (assuming it's dark) to turn off all the lights and use your forward-looking phone camera that usually doesn't have an IR filter and can therefore see IR lighting, assuming it's there. "

It is also possible to install apps on your phone that can scan to hidden cameras & can buy a radio frequency scanner.

"If it is transmitting RF, you can purchase a standard bug detector again to search the room to find hidden sources of radio transmission," says Woodward. "There are some products that combine the optical and RF detection methods."

Internet cameras need a data connection to store or stream their footage, says tech company Fing, so cameras can be connected to your Airbnb host network, the same WiFi that you could have connected to – such as the was the case with the Barker family in Cork.

Companies like Fing have devices that scan Wi-Fi networks and see all other devices, both wired and wireless, connected.

If a webcam camera is not connected to the internet, it cannot send the images, so breaking the internet would stop streaming.

Keep relaxing

Some hotel rooms are cleaner than others. CleanseBot is a device that takes you to clean and clean everything that contains harmful bacteria.

But even if no cameras appear on a network scan, this does not necessarily mean that there are no secret movie recordings, because some hosts offer a Wi-Fi connection that is independent of their personal internet.

Anyone who finds something suspicious should contact the local police so that they can investigate and notify Airbnb, who has promised to investigate such matters and take action where necessary.

Sarah Schlichter, senior editor of advice site SmarterTravel, says that despite the recent headlines, snooping incidents are rare.

She advises those involved to perform basic checks, but says that travelers should be more concerned about searching for bedbugs than electronic ones.

And with no possibility of knowing in advance whether a room – hotel or Airbnb – is being spied, travelers should hope for the best.

"I wouldn't let this be the deciding factor about where you choose to stay," she adds. "I would also not worry about your ability to relax in your room and enjoy your vacation.

"If you are worried, look in your room when you arrive. If you find a camera, report it to your hotel or vacation rental site and look for new accommodations, otherwise you can't do much else."



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