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The deadly enemy of Boris Johnson comes in

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Theresa can resign – the battle for succession has begun

British Prime Minister Theresa can resign. She failed to successfully complete Brexit efforts. But her successor will face the same problem.

Since Theresa May announced her resignation, the battle for her successor has raged. Former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is considered a favorite. But now he gets a competitor who has only reached the top with flying colors.

YOUIn the succession of Theresa Mays as leader of the conservatives and prime minister at the same time an eighth candidate came forward on Sunday: environment minister Michael Gove, 50. One could call him the "egg school" among the candidates, the intellectuals par excellence, who behind suitable , horn-rimmed glasses in the polished syntax of a superior head. But the image of the professor is misleading: Gove has a moving instinct that likes to pursue his goals. This meant Boris Johnson had to make an unpleasant introduction after the 2016 referendum campaign.

Originally he was a journalist, columnist and editor for The Times, co-producer of various TV programs. Gove won a constituency in Surrey, south of London, for the Tories in 2005. David Cameron appointed him after the formation of the coalition government in education in 2010, then Minister of Justice. So no ox-go slow warming up, but the direct jump to high political office. Because of his senior role in The Times, Gove was well connected with the establishment.

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He does not belong to that favorite class, raised by Eton, who tends to claim political power in Britain. Gove was born in Edinburgh and was adopted in four months by a working-class family in Aberdeen and taught at public schools. On the basis of his achievements, he received a scholarship to Oxford, where he studied English literature and made a name for himself, among other things, as president of the famous Oxford Union, the rhetorical Paukboden of brilliant minds. His deep commitment to reforms brought him as a minister of education in armor with school leaders, parents and trade unions; The latter officially withdrew his confidence. With the transfer to the head of the Ministry of Justice, Cameron freed his colleagues from the cabinet from the heat of the fighting.

But it is June 30, 2016, which now colors the memory as the public now weighs the chances of Gove for the highest office. Then, shortly after the referendum, Cameron had just abandoned. Even then, a Tory team prepared for the succession of the failed prime minister. Gove was Campaign Leader of Boris Johnson, his co-thinker, because both – together with Labor-MP Gisela Stuart-born in Bavaria – led the pro-Brexit camp.

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On the morning of June 30, 2016, when Johnson was expected to officially announce his candidacy, Gove went to the statement stating that he himself requested Cameron's succession, "with some hesitation, but decided." And Johnson should step aside. It was like a political murder of the boyfriend – both lost in the battle that Theresa May had won. Now the opposition is repeated, again Gove carefully distances himself from Johnson, whom he then, as he knew, did not control. When asked about a non-contracted Brexit, which Johnson strongly represents, Gove does not want to get involved right now – he had always criticized the idea. He deals with & # 39; ideas & # 39; and & # 39; how to reunite the divided country & # 39 ;. The fact that Gove and Johnson come together seems rather unlikely.