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five candidates for the presidential election

Supporters of candidate Ousmane Sonko on January 19 in Dakar.
Supporters of candidate Ousmane Sonko on January 19 in Dakar. SEYLLOU / AFP

The Senegal Constitutional Council released on Sunday, January 20, the official list of the five candidates who are working for the presidential election of February 24, including the outgoing head of state Macky Sall, who are permanently his two main opponents, the former mayor of Dakar Khalifa Sall and former Minister Karim Wade.

Identical to the provisional list published on January 14th, it was placed on billboards at the end of the evening for the headquarters of the Constitutional Council, where dozens of journalists were waiting, in a residential area of ​​Dakar.

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Appeal rejected

In addition to that of Macky Sall, the Council confirmed, as last week, the candidacy of the deputy Ousmane Sonko, formerly high official and rising figure of the opposition, of former Prime Minister Idrissa Seck, a close friend of the former President Abdoulaye Wade (2000- 2012), Madické Niang, and the candidate of the Party of Unity and Collection (PUR), El Hadji Sall.

the "Seven wise men" not surprisingly rejected the appeals set by Karim Wade, former minister and son of Abdoulaye Wade (2000-2012), and Khalifa Sall, dissident of the Socialist Party, who nevertheless had gathered the required number of sponsorships – about 52,000 signatures – but are struck by legal beliefs.

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"Tie on the side of power"

"Of course, the decision that has just been made public by the Constitutional Council, we completely reject it"The representative of Khalifa Sall, Babacar Thioye Ba, told the press. "The Constitutional Council did not take a decision on the basis of the law, and to use an image, the Constitutional Council seems to be on the tower of Pisa, always on the same side, that of power"added the advisor of the former deputy mayor of Dakar, who dismissed the National Assembly on 17 January.

"The only answer, the only answer, is political action"Babacar Thioye Ba said, announced that there will be consultation between opposition candidates in the coming days to determine their strategy.

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