Female cartel boss known as “Dama de la Muerte” killed in shooting with Mexican state forces


With an amateur tourniquet around her neck, she can be seen sitting in the dust next to a wall, dripping blood from her hand and mouth while panting. Looking at the officer approaching her, she seems resigned to her destiny.

“Calm down, boy,” says the officer. “The helicopter is coming for you. It’s coming, easy, easy, you’ll be fine. Try to endure. ” However, the woman would die later in the hospital.

In the scenes that circulate on social networks, these are the last reported moments of María Guadalupe López Esquivel, known as La Catrina. The 21-year-old cartel leader was killed in Mexico in recent days when her heavily armed group launched a shooting with the police, the Daily Mail and several Mexican media reports.

The last moments of La Catrina, captured in the camera of an officer’s body.


It is suspected that La Catrina is a local chief, in the Tierra Caliente region of southern Mexico, of the Jalisco New Generation Poster directed by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, or “El Mencho”. Known for its initials in Spanish CJNG, the Jalisco group of El Mencho competes for supremacy with the Sinaloa Cartel, once led by Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, who was sentenced last year to life in the United States.

Calm down, boy. The helicopter is coming for you

The US authorities have put a reward of $ 10 million on the head of El Mencho, and the Department of Justice called his group “one of the five most dangerous transnational criminal organizations in the world, responsible for the traffic of many tons of cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin with fentanyl in the United States, as well as violence and significant loss of life in Mexico. ”It is said that the cartel operates in 75 percent of Mexican states and has operations in Europe, Asia and Australia, as well As in the entire American continent.

It was said that La Catrina, famous for her Instagram posts that boasted the life of the cartel, was one of the most important regional lieutenants of El Mencho.

According to the UK media, the Express, she fell in love with the cartel after starting a relationship with a narco known as “M2,” Miguel Fernandez. Daughter of a farmer and a maid, she left a quiet family life to live with M2 and other men of the cartel in Aguililla, Michoacán, in 2017.

In total, reports indicate that six cartel members were captured in the raid that killed her on Friday. The shooting, which involved state troops, state police and the National Guard, occurred in a town called La Bocanada in Tepalcatepec, Michoacán, according to the Mexico News Daily.

Reports vary as to how the shooting began. Some say that La Catrina was found in a safe house on the cartel raided by Mexican troops; others say that the authorities were attacked when they disarmed an obstacle at the entrance of the city. However, when the shooting stopped, the woman named after the skeletal figure La Catrina or the Lady of Death, held in Mexico during her famous Day of the Dead celebrations, was seriously injured. He was reportedly shot in the neck, would die of blood loss.

In gloomy images online, you can see La Catrina being taken to a helicopter, with her arm wrapped around one of the same soldiers she had been fighting with just moments before. A separate circulating clip shows a tattoo on his thigh that says his nickname: “La Catrina”. In another, she is lying on a stretcher, her jeans and her black shirt covered in dust and blood.

The cartel men captured in the raid that killed La Catrina are seen lined up by the police.


Local reports indicate that the La Catrina cartel cell had launched a raid against the police in the same part of Michoacán in October, in which 13 agents were killed. Mexico News Daily reports that the documents found in the aftermath of that attack indicated that she herself was a hitman or murderer involved in the kidnapping, and that she had her own payroll dedicated to the various observation posts for her team. The Daily Mail reported that the images of that October bloodbath showed policemen riddled with bullets to their burning vehicles.

Some reports indicate that M2 was arrested in the same raid that killed his girlfriend, while others indicated that he escaped. The raid occurred in a violent region where other cartels live, such as the Knights Templar, the Viagra and the Chocomiles of Tepeque.

Although it is unusual for women to reach a high rank within the drug cartels, it is by no means unheard of. In recent decades, perhaps the most famous woman to command the mafia office was Griselda Blanco from Colombia. Known as the Black Widow, she oversaw her own drug feud that ranged from Colombia to Miami from the 1980s until her death in 2012. Ironically, Blanco was killed at the age of 69 by a hitman on a motorcycle, a style of murder that she herself was rumored to have presented for the first time to the streets of Medellín.


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