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Falls a large meteorite & # 39; in Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela.

a meteorite the night of this Saturday fell in the north Venezuela, According to a regional authority and reported citizens in social networks.

A flash broke the darkness in the sky after 7pm local time, and went off when he fell, according to a video that went viral in Twitter.

The car "hit the southern area" of the state Carabobo, confirmed his governor, Rafael Lacava, who described him as one "big" meteoralthough he has not offered more details.

Several people reported on Twitter that they fell in Valencia, the third city of the country, 172 km from Caracas.

In other images that are supposedly taken from the impact zone, groups of people are standing in surrounding vehicles emergency and small bags of candle were consumed in the ground.

On February 1, a meteorite It caused a strong explosion in the Cuban province of Pinar del Río.

Exhausted by the surprise political events Since the beginning of the year, Venezuelans have quickly taken social networks to show their disbelief for the star phenomenon and the label #meteorito He climbed to the first positions.

"What we missed, a #meteorito," wrote @artflowersbooks.

@kairomouse launched: "And just when you think there is nothing strange about it Venezuela … a meteor falls ".

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Venezuela lives an unpublished political crisis. Fifty countries recognize the head of the opposition, the Parliament, Juan Guaidó, as interim president of the country, for the president Nicolás Maduro, of which the second period began in January, is considered illegal.

Adult, with the support of the military and the heads of the judicial and electoral powers, condemning an attempt at international intervention to overthrow it.

"0. Meteorite 1. Termination of the usurpation 2. Transitional government 3. Free elections ", tweeted @Gbastidas, stroking the chorus that Guaidó repeats as a route map puts Maduro down in force.


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